About Us

We are about Skin. We manufacture formulations which cover a wide variety of skin ailments and provide treatment to all kinds of dermatological disorders. We also manufacture formulations for wound management, pain and inflammation treatment, burn treatment and oral & dental hygiene. The firm also has its own sales & marketing network which is looking after the sales of brands owned by the firm.


Established by Late Chainroop Ghorawat, we have been in the business of medicine manufacturing and marketing since 1979.

The firm had its factory in Ahmedabad till 2006. A new factory was started in the excise free zone of Baddi (Himachal Pradesh) in 2006.


In the vast and thickly populated areas of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Chhatisgarh etc. the firm has been manufacturing and marketing under its own brand names since 1979. One of its products in powder form is used for treatment of water borne & seasonal skin diseases and has been the segment leader since 1979. Its efficiency and low price have made it the treatment of choice for the vast rural and lower income segment patients.


Our Management​

The firm is managed by experienced partners. The manufacturing facility is run by qualified and professionally trained chemists and managers heading the quality assurance, manufacturing and quality control maintenance teams. The marketing and sales & distribution is handled by a dedicated team of experienced sales personnel.


Domestic:  The firm is well equipped to handle all jobs related to supply of drugs in bulk orders and as regular supplies. Also, the location of the Baddi factory makes it a part of a cluster of pharma manufacturing companies of all sizes and profiles. Due to the firm’s location and owing to it being a part of the cluster, the procurement of all such drugs for bulk supply or regular supplies to institutions and government departments is very convenient and economical for the firm.


Drug delivery systems are continuously evolving yet skin continues to be the safest point of penetration for sub-cutaneous treatments.

We are keeping ourselves updated with current technologies and also preparing to adopt evolving methods.

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